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Embark with us on a unique jungle trekking experience starting in Bukit Lawang ~ witness wild orangutans and immerse yourself in the breathtaking nature and wildlife of the Indonesian rainforest...

Welcome to Your Jungle Guide in Bukit Lawang
Let's explore Sumatra's wilderness

As Your Jungle Guide we specialise in arranging unique jungle trekking tours that start in Bukit Lawang and take you through the tropical rainforest of Gunung Leuser National Park.  For your unparalleled experience in the wilderness of North Sumatra book one of our sustainable and personalized wildlife tours.

Come with us to witness one of the world’s last remaining jungle paradises with its incredible ecosystem and biodiversity, and to observe wild orangutans in their natural habitat!

Venturing into the Wild:
Unforgettable Jungle Trekking Adventures starting from Bukit Lawang

Starting in the small village of Bukit Lawang, our jungle treks unfold in one of the best jungle trekking destinations globally, as it’s situated right at the entrance of the Gunung Leuser National Park. Its unique jungle setting makes it an ideal location for exploring the rainforest of North Sumatra. Fittingly, Bukit Lawang means “gateway to the hills” and the unique forest behind this gate is home to the critically endangered Sumatran Orangutan, as well as Gibbons, Siamangs, Thomas Leaf Monkeys, Hornbills, giant flowers, and various rare and exotic animals and plants. The most special reason: elusive creatures such as Sumatran tigers, rhinos, and forest elephants still coexist solely within the confines of Gunung Leuser National Park!

Choose from a variety of jungle trekking options:

Gain a brief impression of Indonesia’s tropical rainforest in just a few hours with our day tours or extend your adventure by spending a night at our jungle camp during our longer treks. If you prefer, we can tailor a completely personalized trekking tour for you. We will do our best to arrange your individual jungle trek, ensuring the best rainforest experience in a natural and ecological manner.

Our Jungle Trekking Tours

The following treks represent our standard jungle trekking tours from Bukit Lawang through Gunung Leuser National Park. We offer these trekking packages with as much individuality as possible ∼ simply tell us all your needs and wishes and we will do our utmost to organise your most wonderful jungle memory in Indonesia!

Feeling a bit apprehensive? Then take a look the reviews from our previous trekking guests or delve into our jungle trekking values.

Day Tours

Half-Day Trek

Have you ever dreamt of witnessing orangutans in the wild and exploring Indonesia's rainforest with its rich flora and fauna? If you're on a tight schedule, traveling with small children, or physically unable to embark on long hikes but still want a taste of the jungle, then our half-day trekking tour is perfect for you. It offers the lowest intensity level but still a high chance of spotting abundant wildlife along the border of Gunung Leuser National Park. On your way back to Bukit Lawang, you can choose between traditional river rafting or hiking. Take a closer look now!

From 55 € / 925.000 IDR

3 to 4 hours

One-Day Trek

Our one-day hiking tour takes approximately 6 to 7 hours. Beyond the entrance of Gunung Leuser National Park, you have a great opportunity to spot monkeys and orangutans swinging in the trees! Let the overwhelming ambiance of the jungle surround you as you rest on the buttress roots of tropical giant trees. Accompanied by melodious sounds of peacocks or gibbons, the taste of tropical fruits and a delicious lunch will invigorate you on your hike through the mountains of Sumatra's rainforest. Enjoy your return to the village with traditional rafting on giant rubber tires down the river.

From 70 € / 1.200.000 IDR

6 to 7 hours

Night Walk

Embark on an adventure with our night walk, providing the unique chance to spot the googly-eyed primate called slow loris, eagle owls, the civet species of musangs, mouse deer, snakes, spiders, and many other nocturnal inhabitants of the jungle. While orangutans might be elusive during this time, the night walk unveils other impressive creatures of the jungle - perhaps even a sun bear if you're lucky! The adventurous walk lasts from 3 to 4 hours, depending on your condition and fascination with the jungle's nightlife. Are you brave enough to visit the rainforest in darkness?

From 55 € / 925.000 IDR

3 to 4 hours

Overnight Treks

2-Day Trek

Experience the Sumatran rainforest for two days and one night! Encounter fascinating wildlife, including orangutans, white-handed gibbons, Thomas leaf monkeys, pig-tailed macaques, turtles, and peacocks, as you venture deeper into the mountains of Gunung Leuser National Park. Enjoy a special overnight stay at our campsite next to the river or waterfall, surrounded by the special sounds of the rainforest. Try to forget the hustle of your daily life - another day in the jungle awaits you... Refresh yourself during the ride on our "jungle taxi" down the river on the way back to Bukit Lawang.

From 120 € / 2.000.000 IDR

2 Days & 1 Night

3-Day Trek

Explore the impressive flora and fauna of Gunung Leuser National Park for 3 days and 2 nights together with your Jungle Guide! The deeper you go, the more secrets of North Sumatra's rainforest you will uncover. Gain knowledge about medicinal jungle plants, encounter rare wildlife alongside our impressive relatives - the orangutan - and enjoy two different campsites on this jungle trekking tour. The sensation of sleeping in the middle of the jungle will remain etched in your memory forever! Cool down on your way back to the village with traditional rafting on the crystal-clear Bohorok River.

From 170 € / 2.900.000 IDR

3 Days & 2 Nights

4 to 7 Day Treks

These treks offer variable lengths and durations, ranging from 4 to 7 days of jungle trekking through Gunung Leuser National Park. Follow the traces of sun bears and elephants, observe hornbills in the treetops of the rainforest giants, and encounter up to 4 species of primates. Far away from the beaten path, you'll spot rare wildlife, explore caves, cross rivers, and learn all about our jungle survival tricks. At the end of your trek, our refreshing "jungle taxi" will bring you back home to Bukit Lawang. Are you curious to join us on this adventure?

From 250 € / 4.250.000 IDR

4 / 5 / 6 or 7 Days
Very strenuous

Special Treks

Fruit Tree Trek

Especially designed for photographers and filmmakers, and of course, all those eager to discover the diverse wilderness of North Sumatra, we created this unique 7 to 10-day trek, tracking down seasonal fruit trees. These trees serve as congregating points for diurnal and nocturnal wildlife of the deep jungle, providing a unique opportunity to observe and photograph these utterly shy animals from a photographic hide. Our highly experienced scouts accompanying you on this special trek can spot almost any animal! Are you excited?

From 525 € / 9.000.000 IDR

7 to 10 days
Moderate - Strenious

Elephant Trek

This 10-day jungle trekking expedition is made for people with a sense of adventure and a high level of physical fitness - especially interesting for photographers aiming to capture Sumatra’s forest elephants and other rare wildlife. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience true remoteness and abandonment in the beautiful rainforest as far as the eye can see. Leave all cares and worries behind you and absorb nature at its purest… To enhance the chances of wildlife sightings and finding your dream motif, the trek can be extended in lengths and more expert scouts.

From 730€ / 12.500.000 IDR

10 Days
Moderate - Strenious

Individual Treks

Ready for a special and entirely discreet jungle adventure? Are you a photographer or filmmaker looking to discover the most secret places of the Indonesian rainforest? Do you have a specific photo goal, such as the Sumatran Tiger, and would like to delve into the jungle for an extended period? Simply share your plans and wishes with us, and we'll strive to compile the perfect jungle trekking package for you! Here you can find out more about our previous individual trekking tours through Gunung Leuser National Park and share your ideas with us. We are eager to hear from you!



For your safety and in respect to the jungle and it’s wildlife the maximum size of our jungle trekking groups is 6 people.

So please inform us of the number of participants when booking your trek.

In the high season (June to August) it is possible to join other travelers on their jungle trek. It often enriches the experience to meet fellow adventurers in the rainforest. However, especially in the low season, we cannot guarantee the availability of a group for your preferred date. Therefore we ask for your understanding that higher fees apply for private treks.

If you are traveling with more than 6 people, please contact us, and together we will find a solution for every situation.

Included Services:

Certified & English-speaking guide

Assistant guide (if more than 3 people)

National park permit

Indonesian-Tourist-Guide-Association fee (HPI)

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, fruits, snacks, tea & coffee, freshly boiled water to refill your bottles (not included: breakfast before starting your trek & dinner after returnin from the jungle)

Camping equipment:
tent, mattresses, sleeping bags, pillows, mosquito nets

Group Size: 2 – 6 People

For your safety and in respect to the jungle and it’s wildlife the maximum size of our jungle trekking groups is 6 people.

In the high season (June to August) it is possible to join other travellers on their jungle trek. It is often a valuable enrichment to get to know other people on a trek through the rainforest.

In the low season (September to May) we ask for your understanding that it will not always be possible to find a group for your requested trek/date and therefore there will be an extra charge for a private trek.

Please let us know how many people you will be participating with when you make your booking. If you are travelling with more than 6 people, please contact us. Together we will find a solution for every situation.

Jungle Campsites - 1 to 4 Day Treks

Jungle Campsites - Long Treks

Packing List

Travel with Peace of Mind

30-35 liters (waterproof bags for rafting down the river will be provided by us on every trek)

It’s essential that you bring 1,5 to 2 liters water per person! On all overnight treks freshly boiled water from the river will be provided at the campsites to refill your bottles.

Besides normal mosquito spray, we recommend using mosquito repellent for your clothes as well.

Important: don’t forget your power bank on treks with overnight stays as there’s no electricity in the jungle.

Such as plasters, anti-diarrhea tablets, disinfection spray, painkillers, antibiotics & personal needed medicine like asthma spray or insulin – but don’t worry: your jungle guide will always bring a first aid kid!

Light T-shirt & strechable trousers, long socks (for the trek)

Don’t forget your towel if you plan a trek with an overnight stay

For night walks and treks with overnight stays.

Besides toothbrush and soap, contact lense fluid and glasses cleaner might be usufull. Toilet paper you can get in your accommodation – or use the Indonesian way : Water and your left hand!

It’s recommandable to bring a hoodie & long relaxing trousers for the evening and night time in the jungle as it can get cold and windy at our river camping spots 

+ change of clothes for the next days (for treks with overnight stays only)

Or a rain cape that you can hang over your backpack if you get caught in a downpour.

Only necessary for our long jungle expeditions (more than 7 days)!

For crossing the river (only needed for treks with an overnight stay)

We highly recommend shoes with a deep profile for slippery parts of the jungle – or get the shoes that our guide will use on the trek!

Our trekking shoe recommendation

These are the shoes that all our guides wear in the jungle. As they are made of rubber, you can easily cross rivers without worrying about your footwear. Additionally, they have stoppers under the soles, preventing slips while enabling you to climb over roots and rocks effortlessly, much like a gecko!

If you’re interested, please inform your guide before your jungle trek, so you can find the appropriate size. Be aware: the maximum size is 42.

We highly recommend wearing at least one pair of socks in your shoes to avoid blisters! Knee-high socks, which are excellent for tucking open trouser legs and being “insect-proof,” are available on-site for for 20.000 IDR.

Price: 30.000 IDR (approx. 2 Euros)


These comfortable 35-litre trekking backpacks can be rented from us for a small fee to be used on your jungle trek.


  • 1 large main pocket
  • 2 vertical front pockets
  • 2 external side pockets for water bottles
  • Rain cape
  • Air-circulation at the back
  • Chest strap & hip belt with 2 small hip pockets

Rental fee: 80.000 IDR (approx. 5 Euro)

We ask for your understanding to pay the costs of repairing in case of damage.


Our Jungle Trekking Values


We arrange individual treks to satisfy your personal needs and wishes. Our guides know every part of the jungle and will make your personal jungle experience unforgettable.

Natural & Ecological

Love of nature, respect & sustainability are our core values. We strive to keep the jungle clean and the wildlife safe, preserving the natural ecosystem of our rainforest.


In addition to protecting endangered wildlife, we prioritize your safety as our guests. All our guides are highly experienced in the jungle and avoid risks or rash decisions.

Support the Local Community

With love for nature, respect, sustainability and mutual aid, we aim to support the local people and jungle of North Sumatra. Because preserving the rainforest and its wildlife begins with supporting the local communities:

The people in and around Bukit Lawang depend on tourism, preventing them from resorting to less environmentally friendly sources of income, such as palm oil. This is a critical factor in villages without tourism. Additionally, there is the threat of illegal poaching and deforestation. Tourism in Bukit Lawang provides people with a livelihood without destroying their natural environment but by protecting it. 

Respect for nature

All our jungle guides grew up around Bukit Lawang and uphold a deep respect and protection of their home and rainforest. Therefore one of our most important values is to keep the wildlife wild and the jungle clean. During all our treks, we maintain a respectful distance from jungle animals, and none of our guides feed them. All members of our team look behind thoroughly for any garbage that we might have left behind on the trek. We request you to do the same. For your safety, our trekking team always consists of one certified jungle guide and one assistant guide.

Would you like to meet our guides and crew in advance? Check out our team!

Hunters turned protectors

During our long treks, we work with a highly specialised team who knows the jungle inside out, capable of reading tracks, and thus locating animals that would otherwise remain hidden. These members of our team used to earn a living through hunting – not out of passion but out of necessity to support their families. Through our jungle expeditions, we provide these former hunters with an opportunity to work as scouts, leveraging their unique skills. The more long treks you, our guests, book with us, the more secure this scouting job becomes as a livelihood for the former hunters, and through that ultimately protecting the national park and its inhabitants.

Choosing a jungle trekking tour with The Jungle Guide is your way of contributing to the preservation of our wonderful yet endangered rainforest and its exceptional biodiversity.

Tree Planting for every Jungle Trek

With each of our jungle treks, we try to make a small contribution to preserving the rainforest and its incredible biodiversity. This goes beyond our guides sharing their knowledge about the jungle; we also commit to planting a tree for every trek!

How can a single tree help? 

In the areas next to the national park, conflicts between humans and orangutans are becoming more frequent. The shrinking habitat of these magnificent apes leads them to decimate the tempting-looking harvest of local farmers. By planting trees in the buffer zone of the national park, we aim to lure them back into  their natural habitat, reducing conflicts that often end tragically for the orangutans.

This is how we seek to make our jungle treks not only a special experience for you but also a lasting and sustainable contribution to our close relatives and their rainforest. After selecting a suitable location with your guide, you can plant the tree and even visit it again one day when it has grown into a rainforest giant!

Interested in more sustainable jungle trekking tips? Take a look here.

Trekking Tips

For sustainable jungle trekking

… is backpack friendly, plastic-free and mostly doesn’t contain palm oil and chemicals. Therefore it helps to keep the natural balance of our jungle. As it is still hard to find in Asia you probably should buy it in advance in your home country. Or have a look on the self-made soaps from our dear friend Aini who offers soap classes in her beautiful garden between the rice fields around Bukit Lawang. 

Are you a smoker? We please you to bring a pocket ashtray and collect all cigarette butts whilst you are on your jungle trek, as we try to keep the jungle as clean as possible.

In Gunung Leuser National Park we want to keep the animals of the rainforest as wild as possible to enshure their natural habitat. Especially don’t feed or touch orangutans as they share 97% of our DNA, which means we may infect each other.

We kindly ask you to keep a safety distance of 10 meters with the orangutans. Please don’t open your backpack as some of them might expect food in there. Have an eye on your guide and do never stand between a female orangutan and her baby.

Please enter the jungle with a certified guide only. 

Before jungle trekking, please inform your jungle guide about your health and fitness condition , so we might arrange another trekking date in case you are sick. We want to make shure that you can enjoy your jungle trekking tour as much as possible.

You would like to get to know the culture of North Sumatra? Check out our other activities around Bukit Lawang.

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We look forward to hearing from you!