Night Walk

Sense the Indonesian rainforest at night

You would love to see the Indonesian jungle by night and discover all its nocturnal inhabitants? You are interested in North Sumatra’s wild nightlife such as musangs, slowloris, mouse deer and eagle owls? You have a certain fascination for snakes and insects? Then join your Jungle Guide on an impressive night walk through the rainforest of Gunung Leuser National Park. On this unique trekking option, you will realise that the jungle never sleeps. Trust your senses at darkness and get a most special feeling for the rainforest!
Are you brave enough to visit the jungle at night?

Trip Profile

3 - 4 hours
Bukit Lawang, 9pm
Bukit Lawang
price per person
Group: 925.000 IDR
private: 1.550.000 IDR
except tips 😉
group size
2 - 6 People

Trip Highlights


Our night walk starts after dinner, around 9 or 10 pm and takes approximately 3 until 4 hours. Your Jungle Guide will pick up you at your guesthouse and bring you to the entrance of the Gunung Leuser National Park. Sometimes it’s even possible to spot nocturnal animals, such as snakes and musangs, already on your way through Bukit Lawang!

Once you’ve entered the rainforest, the special sounds of the jungle at night will surround you and sharpen your senses. Try to focus on that incredible feeling of being able to sense your surrounding without the skills of your eyes.

Your guide – who knows the jungle around Bukit Lawang like the back of his hand – will lead you on safe ways and passages. As Orangutans sleep in self built nests in treetops, you probably won’t see any of our close relatives at night. Therefor you have the unique chance to spot the cute googly eyed slowloris, eagle owls, musangs (a civet species) mouse deer, snakes, insects off all kinds and – if you are lucky – even honey bears.

Have some snacks to restore your energy and follow your guide back to Bukit Lawang after some amazing hours in the jungle at nighttime.

If you would like to do a longer jungle trek during the night, please let us know – we would be happy to arrange it for you!

What's Included

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