Half Day Trek

Get your first impression of North Sumatra’s rainforest

Our short trek is the perfect option for people who are physically not able to walk or climb too much, for those who are just passing by or for families with small children. Your Jungle Guide will bring you along the entrance of the rainforest which gives you a high chance to spot animals like Long Tail Macaques, Thomas Leaf Monkeys and the famous semiwild Orangutans of Bukit Lawang. Watch them and – if you are lucky – their babies swinging in the trees. Enjoy a delicious fruit break and cool down on the way back by traditional rafting down the Bohorok River.

Trip Profile

3 - 4 hours
Bukit Lawang, 9am - 3pm
Bukit Lawang
price per person
Group: 775.000 IDR
private: 1.400.000 IDR
Rafting back
10€ / 150.000 IDR
except tips 😉
group size
2 - 6 People

Trip Highlights


Your Jungle Guide will pick you up at your guesthouse in Bukit Lawang after breakfast (around 9 am) or in the afternoon (latest at 3 pm). However, the best chance of seeing Orangutans and other wildlife is in the morning. According to your wishes it´s possible to start earlier as well.

Follow your guide the way down the river through Bukit Lawang, then go uphill for a few minutes and cross rubber plantations on the way to the entrance of Gunung Leuser National Park.

Once you have entered the National Park, you will feel the atmosphere of the rainforest with its unique sound and smell. Not far from the entrance there is a very high chance of observing wildlife, like our close relatives – Orangutans, the “people of the forest” – or the funny punky monkey, also called Thomas Leaf Monkey and other exotic animals and plants.

After a vitalising snack of tropical fruits on the buttress roots of the tropical giant trees, keep walking through the jungle and try to forget the daily life for a moment – just enjoy this amazing scenery and let it sink in.

End your trek with a refreshing swim in the crystal clear Bohorok River and optional rafting back to Bukit Lawang on big rubber tires knotted together as a boat. Back in the village, your guide will bring you to your guesthouse.

What's Included

Don't Forget

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