Activities around Bukit Lawang

Bat Cave

Explore the bat cave nearby Bukit Lawang with its impressive rock formatting. Keep your eyes open for very special kinds of insects and arachnids that you can find there besides many various kinds of bats! After walking through the big hall of the first cave where swallows fly over your head, your way will become more narrow and you need to climb over a few rocks. Between the most differently formed stalagmites you can find many insect species, frogs and other hidden animals. If you're lucky you can even meet some Orangutans in front of the caves! Afterwards you have the possibility to enjoy a delicious BBQ at the beautiful Landak River...

From 17 € / 300.000 IDR

Village Tour

Discover the traditional village life of Bukit Lawang and surrounding villages by becak or bicycle. This cultural tour will lead you through idyllic rice fields, vegetable and herb gardens, bring you to a homemade production of brown sugar and tofu, show you traditional crafting and invite you to a refreshing coconut drink! At lunchtime you have the unique option of cooking together with a local family and join kids by traditional dancing. Additionally, every Friday and Sunday you can visit traditional markets where locals sell fruits, vegetables, herbs, clothes and everything you might need!

From 28 € / 490.000 IDR

Cooking Class

Have you already acquired a taste for Indonesian food? Then this cooking class is made for you! Taste the fantastic Sumatran cuisine, but most importantly - learn how to prepare these delicious dishes together with locals. Depending on the season, you will have a wide choice of traditional local specialties such as curry, rendang, sambal, tempeh and much more! The highlight of our cooking class is that you will gather all spices and many other ingredients directly from the idyllic organic garden of Batu Kapal, as only the most basic necessities will be bought at the market beforehand. After all, it tastes best when you pick and prepare it yourself, right?

From 30 € / 550.000 IDR

Ecoprinting Workshop

In this unique workshop in the middle of the rice fields, you will experience the miraculous powers and secrets of Sumatran plants and learn about the traditional techniques of natural dyeing and eco-printing. Make your own artwork from all-natural materials and support the Bukit Lawang women's initiative at the same time. Create your own personal scarf, T-shirt or wall art, and even print your water bottle with beautiful patterns of leaves and flowers you collected between the idyllic rice fields. Thanks to the magic of nature, every creation is unique!

From 40 € / 700.000 IDR

River Rafting

Float down the Bahorok River on big rubber tires which are knotted together as a long boat. Enjoy the ride for 15km through fun and exciting white-water spots and then wonderful calm parts while you drift through an beautiful green scenery. During the stop at the riverbank your guides will prepare a delicious & fresh barbecue while you can relax or go for a swim. Final destination is Bahorok from where a local school bus will pick up you and the tires which promises a lot of fun on the way back!

From 30 € / 550.000 IDR

Giant Flower Discovery

About 40 minutes from Bukit Lawang, the pristine jungle of Batu Katak is waiting for you to discover it! Every few months, this magical rainforest develops the tallest and largest flowers in the world: the Titan Arum and the Giant Rafflesia. After an extremely long gestation period, they only bloom for a few days! If you are lucky, you can marvel at this natural spectacle during your time in Bukit Lawang. No flower in bloom at the moment? There is much more to discover in the jungle of Batu Katak: Besides caves, waterfalls and a yummy lunch on the banks of Berkail River, there's a good chance of spotting gibbons and siamangs!

From 40 € / 700.000 IDR

Exploring Tangkahan

Only 2 hours from Bukit Lawang there is the hidden paradise of Tangkahan. Discover the cute little village, enjoy a bath in a hot spring and the highlight: Visit elephants at the riverside which once lived wild and were saved from illegal poaching. If you want, you can even take a bath with them and walk alongside the herd through the jungle! On the way to Tangkahan you have the unique chance to learn more about Sumatra's tragic palm oil situation but also about the true lifestyle of North Sumatra's rural villages ...

From 46 € / 950.000 IDR

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